Screen and verify 100% of EFT payments every time before release.

Most corporate payment systems are exposed to the risk of manipulation, fraud and error, as banks today do not verify the payee name and instead only rely on the branch code and account number provided by the payer to process an EFT transaction.

Further complexity arises for businesses using different naming conventions for their payees in their financial systems and online banking beneficiary address books compared to what a bank may have registered as the name linked to an account number.

Acting as a completely independent entity, eftsure enhances your internal controls by allowing your organisation to scan a 100% of EFT payments and providing real-time alerts in the online banking screen or in the eftsure portal prior to every payment release.

These alerts include payee account number and name mismatches, out of range payments, duplicate payments, invalid company registration numbers, Invalid ID numbers, VAT registration status and many more.

The 'Know Your Payee' solution

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