Protect your business before EFT payments are made, no matter size or industry, against
fraud and error

Have you experienced payment fraud or attempted payment fraud? Don’t pay unless you are eftsure.

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eftsure is protecting businesses from falling victim to payment frauds

R400 B +

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Protecting businesses of all sizes
against every type of EFT payment fraud.

The digital evolution has had a positive impact on the corporate world, significantly changing the way things have traditionally been done. Unfortunately, while there has been a change for the good, fraudsters have found new opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities and attack corporate payment systems. These attacks are coming from all fronts, being malicious insiders or cybercriminals outside organisations.

Business email compromise

Supplier or business email compromise (BEC) can defeat internal controls and the most vigilant teams

Fake invoices

Whether internal or external, many scams end up with fake bank details on an invoice

Cyber fraud

Cybercrime is costing businesses millions of Rands each year and is growing

Insider scams

ERP systems cannot protect you from a malicious employee

How does it work?

The eftsure solution has been designed to give businesses the ability to manage, control and secure the full lifecycle of a payee from on-boarding through to the actual point of payment. This helps to reduce payment fraud and error by ensuring that electronic fund transfers always go to the right payee.

The 'Know Your Payee' solution

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