Securely manage new and change request payee onboardings

Onboarding new or updating changed payee information and documents no longer need to be collected using unsecure email or outdated paper forms via email.

eftsure has a customisable digital form builder to create a digital, compliant onboarding form, that can be used to collect information electronically from third party payees. This is easily managed in a secure streamlined workflow.

Not only does this allow for information to be collected in a secure environment and in a uniform compliant way, but also in a more efficient and effective manner with full audit trials.

Once a new or changed payee has been invited by a company's staff to complete and submit their onboarding details, the eftsure system will automatically verify the profile and payment information to update existing financial systems.



Invite payee to complete digital onboarding form



Get notified when information has been submitted, with verification summary



Update existing financial systems with verified information

The 'Know Your Payee' solution

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